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Rob Taylor   G4ROB - G8RYK
Selston, Nottinghamshire. UK

Updated February 20th 2016

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Email:  rob at g4rob dot co dot uk

Hi...  Firstly, a short "Bio" about myself and my Interests

Amateur Radio
Before any Visiting Radio Amateurs ask...  YES...  I specifically did ask for my Callsign back in 1981..
I did NOT change my name to match the call as I was asked by an American Amateur back in the 1980's.

I work as a Senior Manager in a retail environment and have done so for the past 24 years travelling the 20 road miles to Nottingham city 6 days a week.
Right in the Heart of "Robin Hood Country" in the Midlands of England.

The company I work for are the Largest Genuine Government Surplus dealers in Europe.. check out the web site www.anchorsupplies.com
if you want to find anything to do with Government Surplus and loads more !
Electronics, Clothing, Tools, Tents, Vehicles, Radio, Audio/Visual, Horology

In 2006 we decided to introduce a Radio Section within our Electronics department at Nottingham. This has grown to include
Amateur, CB and Scanner equipment and accessories. Equipment by  Yaesu, Kenwood. Icom and Alinco are normally available together
with a selection of Second User Gear, antennas and accessories to suit your needs. .

At home I can usually be found on 145Mhz FM.. especially 145.300 FM Evenings
 or 144Mhz SSB...   usually listening 144.300 Mhz USB
During the Summer Months I can be found on 50Mhz SSB.. around 50.130Mhz  "The MAGIC Band" ..Hoping to catch the DX via Sporadic E
VHF Mobile... usually on 145.300 FM.. around 7:30am and 5:30pm on my daily work journey to and from Nottingham City.
I don't do much on HF.. I like the challenge of VHF and above and don't get any thrill from working someone on an Island normally only inhabited by sea birds !!!

During May 2007 I got the chance to re-activate my old callsign G8RYK which became unused back in 1981 when I took my Class A test.
Under the new UK regulations each Amateur can hold upto TWO Callsigns of the same Class and since both callsigns
are now classed as Advanced I decided to reactivate the old callsign.

from GEOgraphic   Cache from a Hidden Item(s)
WHAT ?   Yes that's the response I usually get when I mention this Hobby, Activity, Sport.
I am very New to geocaching...  having "got into it" late October 2009 when a Chap approached me at work asking for permission
to "place a cache" at my place of work.
Well... I'm well and truly HOOKED.
What is Geocaching ?
Put quite simply its an Electronic Hide and Seek Activity where a Hand held GPS is used to locate the cache which has been hidden by another Geocacher.
Currently.. December 2010.. there are more than 1.28  Million Caches hidden Worldwide... and over 60,000 here in the UK...more than enough to keep you busy.
I hope to add pages explaining Geocaching in detail at a later date... meanwhile take a look at
www.geocaching.com  for more information on this fascinating Hobby.

Aircraft Photography
I spend  much of my free time watching RAF Aircraft from VERY close quarters.. if you want to see what a RAF Typhoon looks like when its 30 feet above you doing 200mph then email me. Or indeed a Harrier Jump Jet when the pilot decided to hover 40ft directly above me !!! I got HOT... QUICK.

 I'm NOT into Air Shows... I like to see the Aircraft during their daily work... from over the airfield fence if base security will let me get that close.
I now have a personal collection of over 6000 high definition digital images of RAF aircraft.. enough to fill 6 DVD discs as each one can be as large as 10 MB.

Family History
My Family Tree holds data on over 6000 people with data going back to the early 1400's covering a large part of Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and Leicestershire.
I have data on CD / DVD covering ALL census returns for the 1841, 1851, 1861, 1871, 1881, 1891 and 1901 UK census.. a collection of over 300 CD's.

That's me... a workaholic who loves Radio, Family History and Mil aircraft.

That's the Waffle Over and Done with....
Now for the Interesting Bits

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ENJOY !!!!




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