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My "Bio" has already explained my Interest in Amateur Radio, but on this page I will explain in a little more detail
why I find the Hobby so interesting... and, if you so wish, how you can join the many thousands of Amateurs in the UK.

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Amateur Radio Basics... specially for the NON RADIO AMATEURS viewing this page

The Hobby of Amateur Radio is based on the idea of SELF TRAINING.
Radio Amateurs are encouraged to experiment and learn from their experiences.
The is no one forcing you to experiment.. if you simply want to "have fun" on the air communicating with other "Hams" in your area
or around the globe then no one will stop you so long as you have gained your Licence to do so.
YES.. to operate an Amateur Radio Transmitter you do need a Licence.. currently issued by OFCOM in the UK.
Details of how to gain your licence can be found by clicking the link "Getting Licensed" below.

The Hobby does not only involve talking to other Amateurs.
Once you are Licensed you will be able to get involved in the following aspects of the Hobby.
Sending and Receiving....
● Still Pictures and Photos  Called SSTV
● REAL TIME Television pictures  called FSTV
● Digital Transmissions... like the old day teleprinters...  PSK  Amtor  and loads more
● Radio Teletype.. RTTY
● Morse Code   CW

... the list is almost endless...  so long as you stay within the parameters of your Licence you are OK to do what you want when you want.

The Hobby of Amateur Radio is one of the most Challenging yet easy to take part in I can think of.
There are no special abilities required... you dont have to be a Mentally or Physically Gifted to enjoy the hobby.
In fact there are many disabled Ham Operators across the globe... Blind, Hearing Impaired, Paralysed.. you can all take part
and enjoy the Hobby along with the other Hams.

Come on  JOIN US... click on the Links below

If you want to see what my Amateur Radio Station looks like and the equipment I use


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